A unique square, a table just for you, one authentic moment.

Allow us to suggest a menu from which we bring you the freshest quality products, with breathtaking, powerful and creative recipes with their own personality.

OPENING HOURS – From Monday to Sunday
  • 2h free parking (Saba Catedral)
  • Sant Felip Neri Terrace:
    • Monday to Friaday business days: from 7pm to midnight.
    • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: from 9am to midnight
  • Lunch menu:
    • Available from Monday to Thursday (business days).
  • Love «Fougasse» at first sight
  • Break, mix, enjoy!
  • Exotic, wild and bursting with color
  • The secret is in the «sucarrat» moment
  • You won’t be able to resist the crunchiest chicken nor the most devilish sauce
  • Some call it tatin, others the star dish and others “the hit”
  • So you don’t have to choose between cake or ice cream, all in one!
  • You will drool over this drunk Baba dessert

With a unique location.
Sant Felip Neri square is a setting with a lot of magic, soul, history and beauty.

Sant Felip Neri Square, 2